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We are currently backordered on cable shifter kits until the middle of May. Any orders placed before then will be put on the waiting list.
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NWF Trail Gear Memorial Day 

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With 2016 in full swing we are pleased to announce the arrival of our Brand New Nakamura SC-200L Twin Spindle Multi Axis Live Tool CNC Lathe.With the addition of this machine we will be able to cut helical gears in House! As well as spline internally and externally much quicker then in the past! We are also working on several new products that we are hoping to release by the summer. Some of the new products include an NP205 rear support mount, NP205 parking brake kit, atlas & hero reverse cable shifter kits with revisions and upgrades to some of our other cable shifter kits and a BW1350/1354 EcoBox billet planetary doubler case. We will be posting on Facebook, Pirate4x4 and Instagram @northwestfab as we release these new products!



NWF Eco Box Billet Planetary Doubler Case

While retaining the Original BlackBox technology, quality and durability, the Eco is minimized to reduce cost. designed to be a "DIY" builder kit; cases are shipped empty, and the customer provides the gears, and does the install assembly.


    Made at our facility in Canada

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                   We are constantly updating our website to bring you more information on todays latest products!

  Check out our latest updates:
-NWF Eco box billet planetary doubler case
-blackbox-C for land cruiser
-blackbox TITAN heavy duty underdrive
-GM 2007+ front magna transfer case slip yoke eliminator
-TITAN 1.75" NP205 rear output shaft
-TITAN 1.75" NP205 front output shaft
-dana 60 double shear captured steering arms
-universal steering kits and individual parts
-5 bolt ranger to 6 bolt round adapter

We also have a great dealer resale program in place, give us a call for more info!