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Transfer Case Cable Shifters

Cable Shifters For Single and Dual Transfer Cases
As our sport progresses, so do our drive-trains. With the latest dual transfer case kits, extreme clocking rotations, and non-stock combinations we felt the need for a far more flexible system than what linkage type shifters could provide.

Typically a transfer case shifter linkage consists of a fixed pivot point on the transfer case or adapter, with connecting rods between the transfer case shift rails and shifters in the cab. For the few with stock transmission and transfer case combinations they work fine, but for many, especially those with modified drive-trains, they leave something to be desired. When body lifts are added, transfer cases are clocked, or a dual transfer case kit is added, stock linkages are no longer adequate. For these reasons and more, we have developed our line of Transfer Case Cable Shifters
Cable shifters are the most versatile shifters you can  get for your transfer case. Since the cables mount  directly to the transfer case, they rotate with the  case when it is clocked up or down. No more need to  worry about linkage bind with extreme clocked cases.
The Cable Shifter Box is independent of the transfer case, coupled via the cables. This allows the user to mount the shifter box wherever required, on the floor, in a console, or even on the dash. When mounted flush, the cables exit below the mounting surface undetected.
Strength & Durability
We use some of the toughest, high quality push/pull cables available. Rated to 230/350lbs of input force, and temperature rated from -65F to 230F degrees, these are designed to handle the toughest conditions. The cables are pre-permanently lubricated, sealed with a floating wiper seal.

                           Kit Contents
Our Cable Shifter Kits include everything you need for both the transfer case, and cab of the truck for installation. We provide 3 foot cable lengths (end to end) standard with the kits. All fasteners are mechanical locking, to assure tension after installation. Our shifter kits are low profile, and usually require very little floorboard modifications to fit. We ship our shifter kits primer black for corrosion resistance.