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Titan Series NP205 BlackBox-i

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Our TITAN product line was conceptualized with one key goal; to produce a product that is unmatched in strength.
The BlackBox Titan is no exception, with a 6061-T6 billet case and a massive output shaft, the Titan simply cannot be beat.

We designed the Titan around the NP205 transfer case. The 205 is the top dog when it comes to brute strength, parts availability, and low cost.  The addition of the Blackbox transforms your 205 into a potent 4 speed transfer case.

It’s a BIG deal.

The output shaft of the Titan is what all the fuss is about.  Up until now the output of the standard BlackBox, and almost all gearing options for that matter, was 1-3/8” major diameter. Not weak by any means, but there was room for more. The trend in the industry is high horsepower engines with more torque, driven faster and harder.  What the industry needed was an option that was substantially larger than the status quo; an end-all solution.  At a massive 1.75" 34 Spline, this is it. 

TITAN Output Shaft Vs. Standard 
The construction of the 205’s input assembly is unique. This presented both some challenges, and significant strength advantages over our original integrated line.  Unlike smaller transfer cases, the NP205 input shaft and gear assembly is one solid assembly.  Rather than being forced to reduce the Blackbox output diameter to suit an existing input gear spline, we had to increase the diameter and cut a new one piece output, helical gear and all.

 Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Length causes leverage and un-needed stress on your drivetrain.  Having replaced the unnecessary splined connection, we cut a full 2.75” out of the rear case. Utilizing a thick 6061 anodized aluminum case at a compact 5.35” overall length, the Titan is as short and stout as possible.

Couple your BlackBox Titan with our equally large Titan Output shaft kit, This will transform your 205 into a versatile 4 speed brute.