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Standalone Jeep TJ Transfer Case Shifter Bracket

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Our Jeep TJ transfer case shifter linkage bracket is designed to eliminate the body type mount found in the Jeep TJ.
The OEM set-up uses a bell crank that pivots between a transfer case mounting bracket and a body mount. When the transfer case moves during a transmission retro-fit or a flat skid plate is used, so does the transfer case shifter mounting bracket which will cause a misalignment of the transfer case shifter bell crank. Body lifts will also cause misalignment.
Note: When using this bracket with the "factory" Jeep TJ skid plate,our bracket kit requires no welding or cutting that is found in other after market kits.
Note: This new bracket does not fit Jeep Cherokees models. However, bracket, shifter linkage modifications could be needed. Additional Jeep TJ shifter parts may also be needed!