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Replacing Ford Fullsize T18, T19, NP435 4 Speed Manual Transmission & NP205 with Dodge 29 Spline NV4500

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Part Number:AA-27-0040T

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Advance Adapters


No. Qty Part No. Description

1. 1 Kit 50-0220 4WD 29 SPLINE NV4500 TO FORD NP205 31T

2. 1 Kit 712551 DODGE NV4500 TO FORD V8 BHSG.

3. 1 Kit 716050D1 NV4500 SHIFT HANDLE ASSY.

4. 1 Kit 716101-2 CHEVY/NV4500 TRANS RUBBER MT.


This kit is designed to fit the Dodge Standard Duty 29 spline NV4500 transmission.

This kit requires the use of a stock Ford bellhousing with a 4.848" index diameter.

Remove the stock tailhousing and install the new adapter housing provided in this kit. Refer to the 50-0207 Instruction Sheet.