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NP205 Full Rebuild Kit w/ Billet Bearing Retainers

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Part Number:TCB15-49

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Transfer Case Model:
This is our NP205 Full Rebuild Kit with Billet Bearing Retainers. Applications Include GM Small and Large Bore, Ford, Dodge Small Bore and Large Bore, and Divorced NP205's that are equipped with a Fixed Yoke Style Rear Output Shaft.

Included in this Kit:

1x NP205 Full Rebuild Kit
1x NP205 Billet Counter Shaft Cover (3 Bolt) w/ Hardware
1x NP205 Billet Bearing Retainer Front (4 Bolt) w/ Hardware (Divorced will Include 2)
1x NP205 Billet Bearing Retainer Rear (5 Bolt) w/ Hardware
1x NP205 Billet Large Rear Cover (8 Bolt) w/ Hardware
1x NP205 Billet PTO Cover w/ Hardware
8x 3/8" x 7/8" NC Plated Cap Screws (For Speedo Housing)
1x NP205 Sight Tube Kit