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Jeep/Buick 225/231 V6 Engine to GM SM465 Transmission Kit

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Advance Adapter
This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the Jeep “Dauntless” Buick 225 V6 to a GM SM465 4 speed manual transmission.
The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, pilot bushing, throw-out arm, ball pivot, throw-out boot, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.
The bellhousing can also be used on the Buick 231, and 3.8L (rear wheel drive) engines. The modernized and common 231 / 3.8L is a good candidate for replacing a blown 225.
This adapter assembly is designed for exclusive use with the 4wd, GM SM465 4 speed manual with a 10 spline output shaft. This top loaded heavy-duty transmission has a cast iron case, and is 12” in length. It was used in GM trucks from 1968 to 1988. The SM465 was used in both 2wd & 4wd applications with 3 various output shaft spline counts of 10, 32, & 35 splines.
Note: Don’t forget a new clutch cover, clutch disc and throw-out bearing. We have Centerforce clutch parts in stock and ready for your conversion!!!!
P/N 716640 Jeep Chain Control Clutch Linkage