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Jeep AX15 to Bronco Dana 20 Transfer Case Adapter

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Advance Adapter

These transmissions are ideal transmission swaps for the early Broncos. They are rated at 300 ft.-lbs. at 7200 GVW. The weight of these 5 speeds is 97 lbs., which is similar to the stock 3 & 4 speed transmissions. The overall size and length make it an ideal fit. The gearing of these 5 speeds is as follows: 1st 4.01:1; 2nd 2.32:1; 3rd 1.40:1; 4th 1.00:1; 5th 0.78:1, and Reverse 3.57:1.

The transfer case adapters we manufacture for this transmission uses an adapter plate and spud shaft. The adapter plate offers two rotation options for the Dana 20 transfer case: the stock rotation which is 42 degrees and a higher rotation of 34 degrees. The higher rotation may require a body lift for proper clearance. The transfer case adapter comes with a transfer case shifter linkage bracket which only fits the “T” style shifter.

The stock Ford bellhousing will also need to be adapted. The AX15 have a 7-1/2” long input shaft. We manufacture an adapter plate that bolts to the front of this transmission. This adapter provides you with the proper indexing and bolt pattern to couple to the stock bellhousing. The stock bellhousing when bolting to the NV3550 does require some slight modifications. Another consideration is the clutch disc spline. The stock Ford is 1-1/16” 10 spline and the AX15 is 1-1/8” 10 spline.

The new crossmember for the AX15 transmission must also be used. Since these 5 speeds do not offer the angular support pads and our adapter is too short to have these provisions, we designed a new crossmember support for the new transmission. Our new crossmember bolts to the stock crossmember frame hole and includes a new rubber support. The crossmember is designed to fit both stock exhaust and header applications.
PN712543 - AX15 to Ford bellhousing 4.848” index (adapter length 7/8”)
PN383735 - 1-1/8” 10 spline clutch disc
PN716000A - AX15 crossmember support 
PN26-AX15 - AX15 transmission