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Heavy Duty Tailhousing Kit featuring a 1-3/8, 32 Spline Output Shaft for the Jeep / Scout Dana 20 Transfer Cases

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The Jeep / Scout Dana 20 transfer case is a strong, compact transfer-case. However, the rear output shaft is not as strong as it could be. The 1 1/8"-10 spline stock rear output is known to be weak and is no match for lower gears, big tires, and V6 / V8 engines.

We offer a heavy duty tailhousing kit for the Jeep / Scout Dana 20. This kit features a new 1 3/8"-32 spline rear output shaft, 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy tailhousing, your choice of yoke, shims, bearings, fastening hardware, and detailed instructions. This kit is simple to install, the Dana 20 can be left in the vehicle for the installation! The new speedometer drive (sold separately) gives you the advantage of calibrating your tire and axle gearing. Due to this feature, our tailhousing is 1.5" longer than stock, driveshaft modifications are required.

Transfer Case

The kit is designed for exclusive use with the Jeep / Scout Dana 20 transfer case. This transfer case was in Jeeps starting with the '63 Wagoneer and 1972-79 CJs; also found in 1965-79 IH Scouts.

This kit is non-interchangeable with the 1966-77 Ford Broncos.