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Heavy Duty 1 Ton "Inverted T" Steering Kit without tubes

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Part Number:SK-UNI-T-2

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This is our Heavy Duty 1 Ton "Inverted T" Universal Steering Kit Without Tubes.

Included in this Kit is:

1x TRE-ES2233L Tie Rod End (Reamed for Under the Knuckle or Over the Knuckle)
2x TRE-ES2234R Tie Rod End
1x TRE-ES2027L Drag Link End (Pitman Arm End)
2x HW-78-SF-LH-JN-P Jam Nuts
2x HW-78-SF-RH-JN-P Jam Nuts
2x TA-78-18-1-LH Weld In Tube Adapters
2x TA-78-18-1-RH Weld In Tube Adapters

Note: Using this kit may require reaming of your stock knuckles and pitman arm to fit the Chevy 1 Ton Taper Tie Rod Ends.