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GM203 to GM 6 Bolt Round Adapter

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Part Number:BA-G203-GM6
This adapter is used to mate a GM NP203 to a GM 6 Bolt Round Transmission. With this adapter plate there is no need to disassemble and drill the 6 bolt pattern into the face of the NP203, and you only lose 3/8" of Spline Engagement!
-NP203 must have the same spline count as the Transmission it is bolting to:
-27 Spline NP203's came off of TH350 Transmissions from 1973-1979 this transfer case can be mated to the 4wd 700r4 with the stock NP241 adapter (Will not work with S10 700r4)
-32 Spline NP203's came off of TH400 Transmissions from 1975-1979 this transfer case can be mated to 4wd GM NV4500, 4WD TH400with stock NP208 Mounting Adapter, 4wd SM465 1985-1990 with NP208 Adapter, 4wd GM 4L80E with Stock NP241 Adapter
-NP203 Inputs are interchangeable between cases
-Due to Variances in Counter Shaft Positions rotation of the counter shaft may be needed to line up slot