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GM TH350 27 Spline to GM NP205 10 Spline Coupler Shaft

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Advance Adapter
This coupler / power sleeve kit will adapt a TH350 4wd automatic transmission to a GM NP205 transfer case with a 10 spline male input shaft. The conversion coupler kit will require the factory TH350 to NP205 adapter housing or our AA-50-5302 kit.
The adapter kit includes a 27x10 spline conversion coupler / power sleeve, seal and adapter instructions.  This kit does not include the adapter housing seals
Transfer Case
The NP205 originally coupled to a SM465 4 speed manual transmission has a male 10 spline input. The NP205 is a part time, cast iron transfer case with a figure eight front bolt pattern configuration. This assembly was used in 1971-79 vehicles.
This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the 4wd GM TH350 automatic transmission. This GM automatic was commonly found stock in vehicles from 1969-81. The Turbo Hydramatic 350 three speed automatic is one of the most popular transmissions available in GM 4x4 trucks. The stock 4wd output shaft protrudes from the back of the case approx 1”. 1980-81 model TH350 4wd output protrudes out 2.750”. And this TH350 also uses a lock-up torque converter, and was always used with an aluminum transfer case. We recommend the 1980-81 model not be used.


GM TH350 to GM NP205 Stock Transfer Case Adapter
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