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GM 700r4 to Toyota Land Cruiser HF2A Transfer Case Adapter

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Advance Adapter
This kit is machined to accept the FJ80 transmission mounting rubber. The crossmember mounting holes may need to be slotted to allow it to be moved rearward slightly. The transfer case shifter mounts to the top of the adapter housing. The bracket provided in the kit allows for the HI/LOW lever to come though the original hole.
This kit is designed for exclusive use with the 2WD 700R-4 / 4L60. The overall case length of the transmission is 23.375”, has a non-removable bell housing, and a 4 bolt square rear case. This is the first automatic overdrive that GM produced. Introduced in 1982, this transmission is offered in two different bellhousing / case designs (60 & 90 degree bolt patterns). All 4.3 V6 & GM V8 installations will require the 90 degree version. The internal components of these 700Rs can be interchanged if necessary. When this transmission was first introduced, it quickly developed a bad reputation for certain weaknesses. In 1987, GM resolved all of the problems that previously existed.

In the 1990s, the name of the 700R transmission changed to 4L60. These transmissions are ideal for many conversions because of the 30% overdrive. The overall length of this transmission is 23-3/8”. It has a 1st gear ratio of 3.06:1; 2nd 1.62:1, and 3rd gear ratio of 1:1. This transmission has a computer lockup for the torque converter.