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Ford T&C Cast Iron Case 4 Speed Manual Transmission to the 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 Transfer Case Adapter Kit

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Advance Adapters

The adapter kit for the Ford T & C 4 speed to Bronco Dana 20 will retain the original cast iron, 3 speed manual adapter housing. The adapter housing must measure 9.375” in length, and the adapter housing will need be machined prior to assembly. Our kit will include a new transmission main shaft, bushing, gaskets, seal, and adapter instructions.

Transfer Case:

Your stock tailhousing must be drilled and reamed for the shift rail. The counter bore on the adapter housing must be machined to accept the larger 307 bearing. This kit utilizes the stock Bronco spud shaft. This transmission is side shifted and will require additional shifter components. Floorboard modifications will be necessary for shifter clearance and driveshaft modifications may be required.


This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the Ford T & C 4 speed top loader transmission with a case length of 10.250” and the case is made of cast iron. The casting numbers could be C8AR-7006D or D2AR-7006CB. The transmission is sometimes referred to as “RUG or “RAT”.


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