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Dodge NV4500 4wd with 29 spline output shaft to 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 Transfer Case Adapter Kit

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Advance Adapters

The Dodge NV4500 adapter to the Bronco Dana 20 is 1.00” in length. And the overall length of this transmission and adapter is 19.50”. Adapter material is 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy. The adapter kit includes a Bronco Dana 20 adapter plate, spud shaft with 29 internal spline, t-case shifter bracket, bearing retainer, bearing, snap ring, gaskets, seal, o-ring, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. The adapters we manufacture only fit the Dodge standard duty NV4500 23 spline and 29 spline transmissions. The adapter we manufacture couples to the stock Dodge tailhousing. This adapter plate provides the proper bolt pattern and provision for a new alignment retainer and special spud shaft. The spud shaft is available both the 23 and 29 spline inputs found on the Dodge NV4500s.

Transfer Case

The adapter assembly will fit any 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 transfer case. This adapter will only work with the “T” style shifter.


The adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the Dodge 4WD NV4500 transmission with a 29 spline output shaft. The NV4500 was introduced in 1993 and has been recognized as the ultimate manual transmission of choice. With a 5.61:1 low gear ratio, 27% overdrive and a synchro-reverse (not found in the Chevy NV4500), this transmission works well with the early Broncos. When installing these components, driveline and floorboard modifications will be required.


Your Ford bellhousing will also need to be adapted. The Dodge NV4500 has a 7-1/2” long input shaft. We manufacture an adapter plate that bolts to the front of this transmission. This compensates for the longer input shaft and provides the necessary Ford bellhousing bolt pattern. Since the stock bellhousing is being retained, clutch linkage does not become a factor.PN712551 - Dodge NV4500 to Ford bellhousing 4.848” index (adapter length 7/8”)

Another consideration is the clutch disc spline. The stock Ford is 1-1/16” 10 spline, and the NV4500 is 1-1/8” 10 spline; therefore, a new clutch disc will be required. PN383735 - 11” Centerforce clutch disc

The transfer case adapter does not have provisions to retain the stock crossmember support. We offer both a new tubular crossmember and a NV4500 rubber support for supporting this transmission into the Bronco. PN716000-4 - Crossmember support mount P/N 716101-2 - Rubber mount

We offer a complete transmission kit which includes the components listed above except for the 716000-4 crossmember. These kits also include a new NV4500 shifter handle. PN27-0044T - Dodge NV4500 23 spline transmission to Ford Dana 20

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