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Dodge NV4500 4WD with 23 spline Output Shaft to the 1980-89 Landcruiser 19 Spline Transfer Case Adapter Kit

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Advance Adapters
The Dodge NV4500 adapter to the Land Cruiser 19 spline transfer case is 6.375” in length. And the overall length of the transmission and adapter is 18.750”. Adapter material is 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy. The adapter has a provision for our heavy duty transmission mount. The adapter kit includes adapter housing, 19 spline spud shaft w/ 23 spline internal, shift bracket, sealed bearing, set collar, gasket, nylon nut, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.
Transfer Case
This adapter assembly fits August 1980 to 1989 transfer cases. The transfer case design was changed to a split-case design configuration with a 19 tooth internal spline on the input gear. Additional information can be obtained in our Land Cruiser Conversion Manual, TLC001.
The adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with a Dodge NV4500 4WD transmission with a 23 spline out put shaft. Our adapter assembly requires the stock output shaft to be cut to the proper stick out length to couple to our spud shaft.
Additional Information
1981-90 FJ60/62 when using the NV4500 you are required to fabricate a new crossmember.