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Dodge 23 Spline NV4500 to Chevy V8 small Block & Jeep NP231 Transfer Case

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Advance Adapters

When coupled to the AX15 or NV3550, the stock transfer case used a 23 spline input gear. If you obtain a 23 spline NV4500, the stock transfer case input gear can be retained. If you obtain a later model NV4500 transmission with a 29 spline output shaft, then a new 29 spline input gear for the New Process 231 transfer case will need to be installed.

The transfer case adapter is the shortest design possible to couple to the New Process transfer case. This adapter comes with a shifter bracket that allows the use of your stock transfer case shifter. Jeep TJs require a different transfer case shifter bracket which can be switched out before shipping the kit. This packaged kit include a new support crossmember which couples to the stock skid pan. Modifications will be required to your floorboard for the shifters, and the skid pan will require new holes to be drilled for our crossmember support. A body lift is normally recommended for clearance. Due to the different transfer case shift controls found on Jeep Cherokees, this kit should not be used with these vehicles. 

GM V8 w/ NP231 to Dodge 23spl, Kit Includes:

50-0204 Dodge NV4500/NP231 23spl Kit

52-0221 Shaft-NV4500 GM Input 1-1/8, 5.61 Ratio

712576 NV4500-1996 GM Bell Housing Adapter Kit

716008 Wrangler Crossmember Mount

716050D1 NV4500 Dodge 99UP Handle Assembly

716130 Jeep YJ Master Cylinder Fitting

716130H 42" Stainless Hose-3 Fitting

716331 Jeep Slave Cylinder Kit