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Dana 60 Raised Steering Arm, Passenger Side

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Part Number:STA08-4112-K

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Get that Tie-Rod out of harms way! All of our Dana 60 Hi-Steer arms have been engineered with Ackermann steering geometry. The geometry has been adjusted for steering and kingpin Axis Inclination Angle - Resulting in a perfectly parallel surface between the arms.

Over time the Springs that preload the King Pin Bushings and lower bearings lose their tension resulting in vertical play in the knuckles. This can cause premature wear of King Pin components and death wobble after hitting a bump which is exaggerated with large tires. The cure to this is our King Pin Spring Eliminator System! We replace the spring with a massive grease able 1" Set Screw that preloads the King Pin Bushings and Bearings. The result is a bullet-proof design with predictable handling characteristics.

This Steering Arm is raised 2" above the Knuckle for additional Leaf Pack Clearance.
Please Choose in the Drop Down Box how you want your arms Drilled or Reamed at No Additional Cost!


Dana 60 Spring Eliminator Cap