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Dana 300 21 Spline (AX5) Input Shaft

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Part Number:AA-52-3021

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The Dana 300 is largely considered one of the best transfer cases offered by Jeep. It comes of no surprise that people will want to use it outside of its original application. #52-3021 is a 21 spline input shaft to replace the original 23 spline input shaft on the Jeep Dana 300. Customers who typically purchase this input shaft are planning on utilizing the Dana 300 up against one of the following transmissions: AX5, Peugeot BA/10, and AW4. It should be noted that this input shaft is normally sold in kit #50-3021, as this kit includes a clocking ring required for most applications. In the past, we received several requests for purchasing this input shaft separately. This is especially true for customers building their own Dana 300 “flip Kits”.