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BlackBox-c Land Cruiser Edition

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With additional crawl and low range options limited for the Land Cruiser enthusiasts, we decided to bring the Blackbox proven strength, low range, and versatility to the ‘cruiser market.  

 We focused our efforts on the common 19 spline ‘split-case’ combination found in hundreds of thousands of Cruisers in the 40, 60 and 70 series from 1980-1989. These cruisers were built tough as nails and continue to survive in some of the harshest conditions on earth.

Extremely versatile and capable, but one of the most critical areas on a ‘Cruiser had major room for improvement; gearing. 
Current gear offerings for the cruiser market fall short at best; a single deeper low range, or a weak dual gearbox.  We knew the multiple gear selection, compact design, and ultimate strength of the BlackBox technology would be perfectly suited for the application.

There were three key goals in the conception of this project that we adhered to:

1) Shortest Possible Overall Assembled Length

2) Land Cruiser specific lower case design, no additional adapters

3) Cross Compatibility with existing BlackBox Line (more on this below...)


Using our innovative transmission mount, The BlackBox-c in standard form fits the following Cruiser transmissions and associated transfer cases

H42 4 speed manual ,19 Spline output, no extension housing

H42 4 speed manual 19 Spline output, /w Extension housing

H55 5 speed manual 19 Spline output
A440, 4 speed automatic, 19 Spline output
Cross Compatibility

The BlackBox-C has a hidden feature that some customers are going to find extremely valuable: the ability to adapt a domestic transmission or transfer case to a Land-cruiser transmission or transfer case using only the BlackBox.

Since the front and rear case halves of the Blackbox are cross compatible across the product line, we can simply mix and match BlackBox cases to adapt different combinations, rather than buying a costly adapter that also offers no gear reduction!

Cruiser Transmission adapted to Domestic Transfer case using the BlackBox:  

If your build includes a centered rear differential such as Dana 60, and you want to utilize a domestic transfer case with a matching rear output, such as a NP205, or Atlas Transfer case, but also want to retain your Cruiser transmission, this is the solution.  This would use a BlackBox-C 19 spline front case half, with a Standard, Titan or i series rear half depending on desired transfer case application.

Domestic Transmission adapted to Cruiser transfer case using the BlackBox:

This is the ticket if you are re-powering your cruiser.  Pop an LS and GM automatic into your FJ, and you’re looking at a costly adapter and length that offers no additional gearing advantages. Leverage the BlackBox’s cross compatible design: order a standard front case half mated to a Cruiser rear case half.  Multiple advantages, one solution.