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AMC/Jeep Engine to GM NV4500 Transmission Kit

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Advance Adapter
This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the AMC / Jeep 4.0L, 258, 304, 360, and 401 to the NV4500 5 speed transmission.
The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, universal dust cover plate, bolt-on bearing retainer for the 1996 & up GM NV4500, pilot bushing, throw-out arm, ball pivot, throw-out boot, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.
Note:  This bellhousing features two crankshaft positioning sensor locations for the 1991-2005 4.0L engines.
The bellhousing fits 1996 & up GM NV4500 and 1993 & up Dodge gasoline NV4500. For customers that have a Dodge gas version, you will need to purchase a new GM NV4500 input shaft that was used with the 5.61:1-1st gear (p/n 52-0221) and machine the input retainer to use this bellhousing kit.
Note: Don’t forget a new clutch cover, clutch disc and throw-out bearing. We have Centerforce clutch parts in stock and ready for your conversion!!!!