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1997 & Up GM 4L60E/4L65E to Toyota Land Cruiser HF2A Transfer Case Adapter Kit

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Advance Adapters

We offer Mark’s 4wd adapter kit to allow you to adapt the late model GM 4L60E with removable bell housing to Landcruiser HF2A transfer case. The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, extension housing, coupler shaft, oil seal, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. This kit is machined to accept the FJ80 transmission mounting rubber. The crossmember mounting holes may need to be slotted to allow it to be moved rearward slightly. The transfer case shifter mounts to the top of the adapter housing. The bracket provided in the kit allows for the HI/LOW lever to come though the original hole.

Kit is a special order only. Please allow 3-5 weeks to arrive at Advance Adapters.

Transfer Case

This assembly is used with the1990-2002 HF2A Transfer Case that was previously used with the Landcruiser automatic transmission.


The adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with 1997 & up 2WD 4L60E / 4L65E. The transmission main case and bellhousing on this version are no longer cast together (now a removable bellhousing design), and no longer had the square bolt pattern on the output side. This version of the 4L60E is now equipped with a hex bolt pattern similar to a TH400. This transmission is 21-7/8” long and is used in both 2WD & 4WD vehicles. We manufacture an adapter plate that bolts to the output side of this transmission, giving you the same overall length as the 4L60E that is listed above. This kit uses a stock 2WD 4L60E output shaft with a 11” stickout that needs to be shortened. We then take our 51-0405 adapter housing and bolt it to the transmission. This adapter takes the hex bolt pattern on the 4L60E and converts it to a square bolt pattern to make the 4L60E look just like an earlier GM automatic. The stock main shaft should have a reluctor on the shaft which will line up with the sensor hole on our main adapter housing.

(The cut off length on the main shaft is measured with the 51-0405 installed.)

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