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McLeod 10.5 Diameter 1-1/8 21 Spline Clutch Disc

McLeod 10.5 Diameter 1-1/8 21 Spline Clutch Disc

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The clutch disc #716105 is an essential item needed for engine conversions when retaining the factory Toyota pickup and 4-runner manual transmissions. The Toyota transmissions utilize a 1” 21 spline input shaft. The original Toyota clutch disc diameter measured only 8-7/8” (4cyl) and 9-1/4” (V-6). These clutch discs are too small in diameter to retain with the larger flywheel and pressure plate required during an engine conversion. A Chevy disc also cannot be used since a Chevy clutch disc uses a coarser 1-1/8” 10 spline on their clutch discs. Enter the 716105 clutch disc. The 716105 is essentially a hybrid clutch disc of Chevy and Toyota Truck. The overall diameter is 10-1/2”, while offering an internal 21 spline hub for the Toyota Truck transmission. The clutch disc is a custom application. There were no OEM clutch applications that offered these dimensions.

NOTE: 716105 disc is used exclusively with our Toyota Truck conversions and is not intended for use beyond our product line.

From the manufacturer:
The series 100 disc is a organic/organic faced disc that offers great holding power and velvet smooth engagement for street,towing or heavy hauling applications.