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4-Core Toyota Truck Radiator

4-Core Toyota Truck Radiator

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The stock radiator used in the 4 cylinder Toyotas is not sufficient to cool the V6 & V8 engines. The stock V6 radiator is marginal for cooling. We offer a new 4-core copper/brass radiator for the Buick V6, Chevy 4.3 V6 & V8. This radiator has the proper inlet & outlet location for these blocks and includes a transmission cooler. The radiator extends 5” lower than stock. Core support modifications are required on vehicles up to 1984.  
(measures 3” thick, 24.25” tall, and 24” wide) Vehicles 1986-95 with a V8 will require a short water pump or should switch to our P/N 716698 radiator.